Piccadilly Tomato

The Piccadilly tomato is a small-sized variety of tomato, similar in shape and size to a chicken egg. It is known for its sweet and rich flavor, with a perfect balance between acidity and natural sugars.

This type of tomato has a thin and smooth skin, and a juicy flesh that makes it ideal for eating raw in salads or appetizers. Piccadilly tomatoes are bright red in color and have a particularly firm texture that holds up even after cooking, making them perfect for sauces, gravies, or in cooked dishes.

Their size and shape also make them an excellent choice for stuffing or using as decorative garnishes in various dishes.



The Piccadilly tomato can be a valuable ingredient in a high-quality European restaurant, especially in Northern Europe, where freshness and quality of ingredients are key. Here are some ideas on how to use this tomato in both Italian and foreign recipes:

  1. Salads and appetizers: thanks to its sweetness and firm texture, the Piccadilly tomato is perfect for fresh salads, combined with ingredients like lettuce, feta, and olives for a Mediterranean touch, or with typical Nordic products such as herring or smoked salmon.
  2. Sauces and gravies: the Piccadilly is ideal for preparing thick and flavorful sauces for pasta, gnocchi, or polenta. It can be used to create a classic marinara sauce or to enrich sauces based on meat or fish, typical of Nordic cuisine.
  3. Stuffed and baked dishes: these tomatoes are great for stuffing with rice, meat, or a mixture of vegetables and baked. They are also an excellent ingredient in baked dishes like lasagna or vegetable gratin.
  4. Creative and fusion cuisine: Piccadilly tomatoes can be used in fusion dishes that combine elements of Italian cuisine with those of Northern Europe. For example, they can be incorporated into a risotto with Nordic herbs or used in typical Scandinavian fish dishes.
  5. Garnish and decorations: given their attractive shape and size, Piccadilly tomatoes can be used as decorative garnishes in various dishes, adding a touch of color and freshness.

The Piccadilly tomato offers chefs in high-quality restaurants the opportunity to explore and combine different culinary traditions, creating innovative and tasty dishes that highlight the freshness and quality of this ingredient.