Cuore di bue Tomato

The Cuore di Bue tomato, literally “oxheart” in Italian, is a large, fleshy variety of tomato, known for its distinctive heart-like shape.

This tomato is bright red in color, sometimes with greenish hues near the stem. Its flesh is particularly rich and tasty, with few seeds and low acidity, making it sweet and highly appreciated for its flavor. The texture of the Cuore di Bue is soft but firm, making it ideal both for eating fresh, in salads or caprese, and for preparing sauces and gravies, where its sweet flavor is enhanced.

This variety is also highly valued for its culinary versatility and the ability to enrich any dish with its unique taste and satisfying texture.



In a high-quality European restaurant, especially in Northern Europe, the Cuore di Bue tomato can be used to create both traditional Italian and innovative international dishes. Here are some ideas on how to employ this tomato variety:

  1. Salads and appetizers: the Cuore di Bue, with its soft texture and sweet taste, is perfect for rich salads, like a classic caprese or salads with arugula, Parmesan, and balsamic. It also lends itself to creative appetizers, paired with ingredients like avocado or seafood.
  2. Sauces and gravies: its sweet flavor and low acidity make it ideal for delicate sauces for pasta or risotto. It’s also a great base for sauces to accompany meat or fish dishes, typical of Nordic cuisine.
  3. Cooked dishes: the texture of the Cuore di Bue makes it suitable for slow cooking, like stews or braises, where its flavors can meld with other ingredients, creating rich and deep dishes.
  4. Creative and fusion cuisine: this tomato can be used in fusion dishes, combining elements of Mediterranean cuisine with Nordic influences. For example, it can be incorporated into a Nordic salad with smoked salmon or in dishes based on grains like farro or barley.
  5. Presentation and decoration: the Cuore di Bue, with its unique shape, can be used as a decorative element to enhance the presentation of dishes.